About me


I am massage therapist, a person who strongly believes that there are no barriers in discovering of self and ability to getting to know all the secrets of your own body, physical and mental health,  and emotions related to this. Through many years of my work I have helped to the people to get rid of health problems and recover their optimum balance, as well as I have helped to choose the right path in their life through the release their from blockades and have helped them to take many right decisions in their life. I am a very hard sentient person who exactly knows what is going on in another person. My massage treatments combine with work involving the change of thinking, attitudes to life, motivate and stimulate to action. I have a deep belief that every person has tremendous opportunities to go out of many diseases, eliminate most of the health problems and make positive changes in your life what I have countless examples of, and this is a great happiness for me when I see the joy of positive results in people’s life. Because of my work, energy  I motivate the people to make changes in their life, thanks to which they are able to live more consciously, they  are healthier and simply happier.